Rome: Doing business in Qatar



Edited by Carlo Alberto Morosetti 

In recent days at the Embassy of Qatar in Rome I had the opportunity to meet and discuss with Nino Tomasino, head of NTS International Group Ltd that for years has been working to enhance Italian companies abroad, also in Qatar.

And just in the same days the founder of the group made important agreements with the Emirates.

It is very important to underline some aspects that emerged during the informal but deep chat with the founder of the group, about the possibility of Italian companies to expand into a foreign market.

Working well abroad and being successful as an Italian company implies enormous efforts and a lot of attention. That attention that Nino Tomasino summed up in a few words: in order to live and work abroad you must necessarily learn to change yourself. And you have to learn to help others.

As the founder of the NTS International group, he himself has learned in the many years of his career spent working abroad, to study the secrets that allow and have allowed companies to establish themselves in an international market.

In order to be successful in a global market, such as Qatar, or the Emirates, it is necessary to be able to take up all the challenges that arise without backing up all the opportunities that arise from time to time: the fundamental challenge is to keep companies healthy, without losing sight of the goal of success, of multiplying profits, that is, finding those resources and opportunities that the world poses from time to time, without remaining tied to problems of the internal market.

What emerges is that for an SME, a successful strategy is, without doubt, to expand its business in the foreign market, precisely. It is precisely from these opportunities (which in Qatar are incredible) that the founder of NTS Int. , until now has helped companies to gender important volumes of work.

Risking is trying to go beyond yourself, too. Nino Tomasino has decided to risk his own, leaving his military career as a target officer and fixed place.

To take the risk is to try to impose one's independence and at the same time to grow together with other entrepreneurs.

The guidelines, which emerged from our meeting, to expand their business abroad and at the same time also strengthen in the market in Italy are many, summarized in three simple paradigms of interpretation, which the Tomasino himself has drawn from personal experience.

The first fundamental point from which to start in order to impose oneself in a world where it is necessary to be recognizable and reliable is to create one's own identity.


Creating one's own identity, says Tomasino, is fundamental, but it is only the first point, in order to make one's own product perceived as the best and to become a Leader in the sector of competence.

It is necessary to have an immediate positive impact with the interlocutors, and to achieve this it is essential to exceed even a small percentage of the expectations of customers, even to beat the possible strength of other competitors.

If you get this, you will have an advantage that must be the basis of your work. This basis must be supported by the hiring of competent personnel both in the field of relations with the foreign market, both with respect to marketing, first of all. Regardless of the nationality of the interlocutors.

One's own success, one's own personal realization must originate from one's own beliefs: this also implies a different, new way of creating and doing business.

It was said before guidelines were drawn up. Being authentic and being people with important values is the second fundamental step.

Creating an identity and being authoritative in one's field, it has been said, is the basis of the success of one's business. However, in order to establish oneself on the foreign market, one must also be recognised as a beautiful person. If being Italian, especially in the past, was an important let-away, now this is no longer enough: it is necessary to be oneself.

People love to do business that lasts over time, with those who keep their word, with those who are authoritative and with those who are a beautiful person, simply said.

It is therefore necessary to be these beautiful people, i. e. people who are able to put people and their needs at the centre of their business.

This is a determined point to become a leader in your sector.

There are many companies that are trying to expand their business abroad, but few that are really able to impose themselves on a foreign market: it is therefore essential to exceed customer expectations by offering those services, those additional products that competitors are not able to offer.

Starting from his personal experience Tomasino points out that unlike his competitors, for example, in addition to helping its customers to internationalize their company in Qatar, putting them in touch with buyers on the spot, has opened the franchise OSM Open Source Management in order to help them and follow them step by step to establish themselves on the foreign market.

He himself has received great help, thanks to this experience, to grow professionally and personally.

The message is clear: each of us must be ourselves.